Joshua Fields Millburn


It is not ambition that sets a man apart; it is the distance he is prepared to go. #30days30photos
"Winter Coat in August" would be a good indie-band name. It’s also an occasional reality in Montana.
Ladies? (at Arby’s)
Well before I ever made a living as a writer, I was passionate about writing. Now as a full-time author, people often ask me how to improve their writing. My best advice is simple: today at I share my three most effective writing tips. #writing #writingtips
So many people ask me how to start a successful blog. It’s actually much simpler than most people think. I wrote about my whole step-by-step process, and even recorded a video about it, here: #blog #blogging #writing #writingtips #howtowritebetter
Interviewing the SPYR Media trio about #entrepreneurship, #minimalism, #design, and #health for #MinimalismFilm. Find more details about the #documentary at
Filming in Montana today. For details, and to watch the trailer, visit #minimalism #minimalismfilm #montana #1000buddhas  (at Ewam Garden of One Thousand Buddhas)
Filming @ryannicodemus all day today for #MinimalismFilm. #longboarding #packingparty #minimalism #missoula #montana  (at The XXXXs)
#MinimalismFilm’s director @mattdavella and I spent today filming @bemorewithless and her husband Mark in #Utah for the documentary. I’m looking forward to sharing their story with you in 2015 when the film is released in theaters and online. In the meantime you can find more info at
The Italian Stallion. #minimalismfilm  (at Caras Park in Missoula, MT)
Now that the North American #MinsTour is over, the next round of filming begins. #MinimalismFilm  #Missoula #Montana   (at Lolo Pass)
We did it! A big thank you goes out to the 36,000+ people who attended our Everything That Remains Tour this year in the United States and Canada—all 82 cities. Next: 18 cites in the UK, Ireland, and Australia in October and November. See you then. #hugs #minstour #minimalism  (at Missoula Montana USA)
Tonight. 7 PM. Missoula. The end of the North American tour. #MinsTour Missoula #Montana (at Shakespeare & Co.)
Even the panhandlers in Missoula are avant-garde. #wetfloorstayoff
We’re finishing the North American portion of our 100-city Everything That Remains Tour in Missoula, Montana at Shakespeare & Co. Booksellers this Monday August 11th at 7 PM. As always, it’s a free event. And, as always, the hugs are free—and free-flowing. See you soon. #MinsTour