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Thanks for a warm welcome this weekend, Minneapolis-St. Paul. What a crowd. Tonight’s crowd at @McNallyRobinson in Winnipeg will be more intimate but just as meaningful, I’m certain. Feels great to be back in Canada. #MinsTour #YWG #MSP #FreeHugs
Breakfast Television #Winnipeg #MinsTour  (at Citytv - Breakfast Television)
After traveling through, and drinking coffee in, nearly every state and province in the United States and Canada during our 100-city Everything That Remains book tour this year, Elle magazine asked me to write an article about the five best coffeehouses in North America. My picks: @PressCoffeeBar (Dayton), @Cartel (Tucson), @MatchstickYVR (Vancouver), @DogwoodCoffee (Minneapolis), @Bluebottle (San Francisco). Where is your favorite coffeehouse? #minstour #coffee #dayton #tucson #yvr #msp #sfo #everythingthatremains
Twin Cities tonight #MinsTour
What a great year so far. Only 10 cities remaining for the North American portion of The Minimalists’ 100-city Everything That Remains Tour 2014. Join us if you are near Minneapolis-St. Paul, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Seattle, Spokane, or Missoula. Then, we head overseas: 18 cities in the UK, Ireland, and Australia. Looking forward to meeting you. #MinsTour
On @MPRnews this morning: Hillary Clinton, followed by, umm, The Minimalists. #MinsTour
Madison tonight. #MinsTour  (at A Room of One’s Own Bookstore)
I’m reading from #EverythingThatRemains in Milwaukee tonight. Then: Madison, St. Paul, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Seattle, Spokane, and Missoula, followed by the UK, Ireland, and Australia in October and November. Details: #MinsTour
Chicago, we’ll see you again tonight for a special minimalism discussion, moderated by @tooth_adams. Free event: 7 PM at the North Michigan Avenue Apple Store. #MinsTour #Chicago #minimalism  (at Apple Store, North Michigan Avenue)
Chicago tonight! 7 PM @PortageTheater #MinsTour (at Portage Theater)
We are speaking at @PortageTheater in Chicago Monday evening at 7. Admission is free. #MinsTour 

(Photo by @our_endless_earth.)
Thanks for a great event tonight at @schulerbooks in Grand Rapids. @thebergamotmusic played some beautiful songs, wow’d the crowd. #MinsTour
Grand Rapids tonight. #MinsTour